Wavesport Mobius 57 + 65 freestyle kayak

It’s about you and the water. Release your potential. No rules – only freestyle.
Our freestyle machine is short and fast with forgiving qualities that allow beginners to the sport to progress quickly, while offering seasoned competitors an experience they will appreciate. Between the rounded edges, sculpted side walls and soft curvature of the bow, this predictable design makes loops, mcnastys and phonix monkeys easy to initiate. It is extremely loose and fast on waves, featuring a continuous rocker profile and a stern release edge that allows quick acceleration down a wave. Two boat sizes available – Mobius 57 and Mobius 65.

Specs for Mobius 57  (65) series
Length:   173 cm  (183 cm)
Width:   67 cm  (69 cm)
Volume:   216 ltr  (246 ltr)
Cockpit size:   84 x 48 cm  (91 x 51 cm)
Optimal paddler weight:   60 – 90 kg  (80 – 115 kg)
Weight:   14.5 kg  (15,5 kg)

Colours: Raspberry, Sublime

WhiteOut outfitting uses the lightweight seat system, complete with our stylish white vinyl pads on the seat, ratchet backband, hip pads and adjustable thigh grips.

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