Brands – Climb

Edelweiss dynamic + static ropes, harnesses, slings
Tendon (by Lanex) dynamic + static ropes, harnesses
PMI climbing, abseil, river rescue + caving ropes

Aspiring harnesses, anchor chains, slings, ladders, carry bags
Rock Empire harnesses, slings, cams, nuts, rock shoes
Kong helmets, krabs, paddlebiners, rescue gear
Stubai axes, crampons, krabs, helmets
DMM cams, nuts, krabs, axes, crampons, helmets
AustriAlpin snow + ice gear

Pieps digital avalanche transceivers
ACR personal locator beacons
McMurdo personal locator beacons
Terra Nova survival ‘bothy’ bags

Teufelberger harnesses + industrial hardware
SRT industrial + caving gear
CT helmets, krabs, ascenders/belays, scaffold hooks
ISC rope grabs, descenders
SMC descenders, pulleys
CMI pulleys, haulers
Fixe rock anchors


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