Brands to buy from

Kayaks Plus

Mission Kayaking family fun, fish, surf, polo, river + sea/lake kayaks
Spade creek boats
Zet whitewater kayaks
Lettmann whitewater kayaks
Prijon sea/lake + whitewater kayaks
Q-Kayaks family fun, fish, surf, multisport, polo, whitewater + sea/lake kayaks

Palm PFDs, dry-tops, decks, clothing, footwear, air bags, towlines
Mission Kayaking paddles, PFDs, decks, helmets, accessories
Q-Kayaks paddles, decks, helmets, accessories
Hydraulics PFDs, clothing
Hutchwilco PFDs

OrigiNZ paddles
Lettmann paddles
Jazz paddles
Robson paddles
Palm paddles
Gull raft + canoe paddles

Sweet helmets
Predator helmets
Shred Ready helmets
Smiley’s nose + ear plugs

hf throw bags, safety gear, tie-down cam straps, dry bags
Class Five and Palm cowtails

Seattle Sports paddle floats + pumps
Beckson pumps
Odeo LED flares
Pains-Wessex pyrotechnic flares
ACR personal locator beacons
McMurdo personal locator beacons
Pelican waterproof boxes

Looner pendants