Commercial MF

Mission Commercial MF high-use PFD

The Commercial Multi-fit PFD is an upgraded, heavy-duty version of the popular Freetime model.  It has been optimised for adventure tourism operators, hire fleets and outdoor education use.

The front zip and generous size adjustment ensure that this PFD can be fitted quickly and securely. Soft buoyancy foam makes it incredibly comfortable.

The tough 600D fabric is gold colour in low wear areas giving high visibility on the water, while the black fabric prolongs the life of areas that are prone to getting dirty and stained from sunscreen, etc. No pockets either, so that forgotten sweets can’t leave a sticky mess.

Meets new Australian PFD Standards – AS4758 Level 50

Fabric: 600D Nylon

Adult size: Multi-fit (covers XS-XL)

Kids size: Multi-fit (covers 4-10 yrs)

Colour: Yellow/Black

Sizing info:

Adult: 75 – 127cm chest,  45 – 110kg body weight

Kids:  65 – 80cm chest,  15 – 50kg body weight

[1st quality new PFD, with a factory warranty]