Recreational Paddles


Basic paddle. Reinforced polypropylene blade – White. Alloy shaft. Paddle weight 1110g.

(Std lengths = 209cm; 216cm)

–  RRP $85


All-round paddle. Reinforced polypropylene blade – Red or Yellow. Shaft has a right-hand raised index with covered handgrips (Std lengths = 198cm; 204cm; 210cm; 216cm)

Legal for Canoe POLO.

  Alloy shaft. Paddle weight 1350g. –   RRP $95
Fibreglass shaft. Paddle weight 1190g. –   RRP $129


Touring paddle. Asymmetric reinforced polypropylene blade – Red, Yellow, Blue or White. Shaft has drip rings, a right-hand raised index with covered handgrips (Std lengths = 206cm; 216cm; 222cm; 228cm)

  Alloy shaft. Paddle weight 1160g. –   RRP $99
Fibreglass shaft. Paddle weight 1050g. –   RRP $149

NOTE: Taupo and Waikato paddles can be supplied as two-piece split paddles – extra $56

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Paddle discounts are available when purchased as part of a kayak package
or for bulk buys from schools, polytechs, adventure operators & clubs.

Sea kayak paddles


– tough asymmetric dihedral (V-shaped) reinforced nylon blades – Yellow or White. (Std lengths = 214cm, 218cm, 222cm, 226cm and 230cm)

Available in 3 blade sizes

  • Resolution (Small)
  • Northwest Passage (Med)
  • Hauraki Gulf (Large)

Fibreglass shaft. Paddle weight 1050g.  –  RRP $239
Carbon shaft. Paddle weight   g.  –  RRP $299


Advanced touring designs for all-day efficient paddling.

  • asymmetric dihedral (V-shaped) blades made with tough glass-reinforced plastic.
  • Fibreglass shaft
  • Moulded-in hand grip
  • Drip rings
  • Adjustable length + feather (included with Drift Pro)

Vision 215 or 220cm. Paddle weight  975g.  –  RRP $230
Drift Pro with adjuster lever (215-220cm or 220-225cm). Paddle weight 1180g.  –  RRP $285


– ultralight teardrop hi-tech VARTM blades. Very strong carbon/glass composite shafts. Paddle weight 650g.

Available in 3 blade sizes

  • Opo (Small)
  • Albatross (Med)
  • Tripper (Large)

–  RRP $435

NOTE: Originz & Jazz paddles can all be upgraded with a QuikLok system, so your paddle becomes a two-piece split and is adjustable for length and feather (extra $79).

A carbon/kevlar shaft is also an option (extra $75)

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Whitewater paddles


Super-tough reinforced nylon blades – Black. (Std lengths = 194cm; 196cm; 198cm; 204cm)  Legal for Canoe POLO.

  Alloy shaft. Paddle weight 1430g.  –  RRP $149
Fibreglass shaft. Paddle weight 1330g.  –  RRP $189


– tough dihedral (V-shaped) reinforced nylon blades – Black or Blue. (Std lengths = 192cm, 196cm, 198cm, 202cm) Choice of fibreglass, carbon-kevlar or carbon twill shafts.

Available in 3 blade sizes

  • Nevis Bluff (asymmetric)
  • Kaituna (radical asymmetric)
  • Mohaka (rodeo asymmetric)

Fibreglass shaft. Paddle weight 1130g.   –  RRP $239
Carbon shaft.   Paddle weight g.   –  RRP $299


– Flowtech moulded foam/fibreglass blades. Ovalised carbon shaft. Paddle weight 1000g.

  • paddle - Robson Chlorophyll bladeChlorophyll asymmetric – green ‘Leaf’ blades
  • paddle - Robson HellsBells bladeHells Bells asymmetric
  • paddle - Robson Woodstock bladeWoodstock asymmetric

–  RRP $680


– compression-moulded fibreglass  blades. Ovalised carbon shaft. Paddle weight 1050g.

  • paddle - Robson Fluid bladeFluid asymmetric – blue blades
  • paddle - Robson Mystique bladeMystique small asymmetric – yellow blades

–  RRP $595



Multi Wave

The ultimate paddle! LCS50 epoxy carbon asymmetric blades. Ovalised carbon crankshaft. 

–  RRP $735   

Ergonom Pro Extreme

The ‘mother’ of all crankshaft paddles. LCS70 carbon/kevlar asymmetric blades. Ovalised carbon crankshaft.

–  RRP $890   paddle - Lettmann Ergonom-Pro-extrem blade

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