Wavesport Fuse 48 + 56 playboat

What do you call it when you bring a river runner and freestyle boat together into one go-anywhere, do-anything boat? We called it Fuse.

For the river runners out there who still crave some freestyle love, we’ve got your back. Our river running playboats get you down river in one piece, while allowing you to surf the playspots. Expect the forgiveness of a river runner and the high-performance loose hull of a freestyle boat.

The legendary hull design is loose and fast on waves with a volume distribution that is not only comfy, but delivers crisp control whether you’re throwing cartwheels or simply running your favourite stretch of river. So what are you waiting for? Get down the river and tear up every single playspot along the way. And with two boat sizes, Fuse 48 and Fuse 56, there’s one for everyone.

Specs for Fuse 48  (56) series
Length:  193 cm (198 cm)
Width:  62 cm (64 cm)
Volume:  182 ltr (212 ltr)
Cockpit size:  85 x 48 cm
Optimal paddler weight:  45 – 75 kg (65 – 95 kg)
Weight:  14 kg (15 kg)

Colours: Cherry Bomb, Cherry Margarita

BlackOut outfitting features the standard lightweight seat system, ratchet backband, and adjustable thigh braces, with our popular textured black pads.

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