Contour 450

Mission Contour 450 sea kayak


The Contour 450 is a versatile, mid-sized touring kayak. A great choice for beginners and intermediate paddlers.

Explore the secrets that our coastal bays, estuaries, lakes and rivers have to offer.

Pack your gear for that scenic overnight excursion in the generous bow and stern compartments. Places on deck for holding maps, GPS and guide books.

A rudder as standard, plus plenty of storage space and stability give this kayak everything you need.

Ideal for sheltered waters such as Bluff, Riverton + Otago harbours, Lakes Manapouri + Te Anau, Paterson Inlet and the Catlins estuaries, etc

Specs for Contour 450 sea kayak
Length:  450 cm
Width:  62 cm
Weight:  26 kg
Max Load:  180 kg
Sealed storage:  Front 50 ltr, Rear 75 ltr

Download the ‘Contour’ lake series sea kayak brochure

Colours:  Yellow, Orange Fade, Green Fade, Blue Fade


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