Mission Flow sit-on-top

sit-on-top Beach_05_Square (300px)The Flow is an outstanding sit-on-top kayak, great for wave surfing and general, all round, ‘smile-inducing’ fun . . . . . Its size is almost perfect – can be paddled by youngsters, but still big enough for a hefty adult. The Flow ride-on canoe has excellent stability, is easy to manoeuvre, and is great fun whether you are a novice, intermediate or experienced paddler. The flared bow keeps you drier, even in choppy conditions.
The self-draining, contoured deck area features integrated footrests, a moulded backrest, and both side and end handles. The Flow is easy to car-top. It requires minimal storage space thanks to its compact, well-designed shape (you can even stack several Flows). The Flow now has a factory-fitted front hatch to access a storage area.

Length:  295 cm
Width:  75 cm
Weight:  19 kg
Max Load:  150 kg

Download the ‘Beach’ sit-on-top kayaks (Squirt/Flow/Surge) brochure

Colours: Red Fade, Orange Fade, Blue Fade, Green Fade, Rainbow Fade

Flow RF - 3 quarter (no drink bottle)Flow kid 251c4c6c7a (no hatch)flow surf crop
A 125mm front hatch is now standard on the ‘Flow‘.

Optional accessories include backrest, thigh straps, rod holder.

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