Sea + Lake Kayaks

Mission Glide 420 EX touring sit-on-top

Xstream 420 EXP RF - 3 quarter

Touring version of the Glide 420, complete with rudder + sealed bulkhead.

QK Swift 450 touring sit-on-top


An easy handling and stable sit-on-top kayak, with a rudder and storage compartments.

Mission Contour 450 + 480 sea kayak

Contour 450   $2165
Contour 480  $2425

QK Shearwater sea kayak

Shearwater sea kayak

Mission Eco-bezhig expedition sea kayak


QK Skua expedition sea kayak


Mission Contour 490 double sea kayak


Mission Eco-niizh double expedition sea kayak

Commercial $4250  
XLT lightweight $4675  

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