Kayaks, Canoes + paddling gear

Kayaks + Sit-on-top canoes

for family fun, fishing, duck hunting, sea/lake touring, whitewater + surf

Buoyancy vests (PFDs)

for recreation, fishing, multisport, ocean, whitewater + surf


for recreation, touring + whitewater


– neoprene decks

Kayak clothing

– paddle jackets + dry-tops

Multisport, Sea + Whitewater safety gear

– air bags, locator beacons, helmets, throwbags, pumps, paddle floats + rescue gear

Kayaks Plus sells quality kayaks & accessories,
via itsĀ online store,
to private individuals and to adventure operators, schools/polytechs, outdoor camps and youth organisations
all across New Zealand.

We supply everything you need
for family fun, multisport, sea/lake touring, whitewater or surf.

[Ask about special discounts for youth organisations and camps,
such as SU Youth or CCNZ members.]

Note: Products that you order from Kayaks Plus are freighted from the manufacturer or importer direct to you anywhere in NZ (except for some items on special). In this way, freight costs are kept to a minimum.

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