Kayaks, Canoes + Paddling Gear

Kayaks + Canoes

- family fun, sea/lake tour, fish, whitewater, canoe polo

PFDs (Lifejackets)

- recreation, sea/lake, multisport, whitewater


- recreation, sea kayak, whitewater


- sea/lake tour, multisport, whitewater, canoe polo

Kayak Clothing

- multisport, sea/lake tour, whitewater

Safety Gear

- locator beacons, sea kayak safety, whitewater rescue

Everything you need:
family fun, sea/lake tour, multisport, fish, duck hunt,
whitewater, canoe polo + surf

Special discounts for ‘not-for-profit’ youth programmes,
such as CCNZ camps, SU Youth + Adventure Specialties.

Save money on freight
– orders from Kayaks Plus
are sent direct to you anywhere in NZ
from the manufacturer or importer
(except for some items on special)